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Here at PPCDL Guide, we have resources on the PPCDL course. Taking the theory test soon? Practice using our question simulator! If you need tips on the practical test, check out the Practical section.

Regardless of your skill level, we have you covered! If you're completely new to PPCDL, read on!

What is a PPCDL License?

The Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) is required for driving of engine powered/jet-propelled pleasure craft (with SZ or SZH licence prefixes) below 24 metres within Singapore port limits.


How do I get a license?

1 Complete a PPCDL Course

You must first undergo training in an approved PPCDL centre. Upon completion, you will receive a PPCDL Attendance Course Certificate.

The cost of this varies depending on your centre, usually around $300

2 Pass the Theory test

You must then study for the PPCDL theory test and sign up for the test at Singapore Polytechnic. You also need to finish an eyesight/handicap test before this.

This test costs $21.40

SP Theory Signup
3 Pass the Practical test

After passing the Theory test, you can sign up for the Practical test. Upon completion, you will then be prompted to create a license.

This test costs $53.50
The license costs $20

SP Practical Signup

How do I pass the Theory test?

Your instructer from your PPCDL center should have sufficiently briefed you on most basics. However you should read your course handbooks extensively, and if possible, complete your provided worksheets.

If you want to practice even more, we have a 30-question Theory Test Simulator that you can use!

Theory Test Simulator