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We hope you've been enjoying this site! As much as we try to, there may be inaccuracies in the content. Should there be any issues, do contact me!


  • JG
    Sole developer & maintainer of this site. I took my PPCDL lessons at SAF Yacht Club (Sembawang) and decided to create this free and accessible knowledge repository. Many of these resources were found online and also in my lesson notes.

    A really good resource and website for reading is iuboating's blog! The blog owner has many interesting posts regarding the PPCDL scene in Singapore

    Hosting this site (domain+webhost) costs a significant amount of time and money. I don't have a donation bin either - If you found it useful and you happen to be in Singapore, you could get me coffee! =D

  • Enquiries / Adverts / Anything else
    You can easily find my email and contact me on Github. (Hopefully this reduces spam)

All the best in your PPCDL tests!